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On Friday we were joined by United Church friends from Ontario, plus people from the Unitarian and Quaker communities in Calgary in front of our new premier's constituency office.

They are symbolic of the interests and support of all generations and faith communities around the country. They ranged in age from 10 to 80! 

People from Nova Scotia to British Columbia are engaged in various actions towards encouraging our leaders to respond to the realities of climate change. Since our federal government is giving no leadership, it is up to citizens to act and advocate for the health of Mother Earth.

I was so happy to hear that young people in the United Church in Parry Sound, Ontario are concerned and involved in their own community. May each community throughout our land respond in their own way!
Sunday after church, I hope to meet Chris Turner, whose new book, The Leap, is extremely timely and hopeful. 
At the Friday vigil, we had lots of cross-generational conversation.

During the last 3 days, I have been joined by even more people in front of my MLA David Swann's constituency office, City Hall and today at Harper's constituency office. It's been very encouraging. Particularly, it was fun to be joined by Andrea Harrison and her children Sam and Cody Chambre from southern Ontario. 

I am dismayed at Peter Kent's comments and the ideological stubborness of our government in not giving bold and principled leadership on climate change, including the talks in Durban. I believe that Canadian people want and deserve better. 

On Tuesday evening I was priveleged to join (via Skype) a sustainability class at Trent University in Peterbourgh. I was inspired by their commitment to building a sustainable world, and by the inter-disciplinary nature of the group. Their understandings and commitments are quite different from the leadership in either Alberta or in Canada.

I thank all those who have sent message by email or on this website. The positive response by people around the country gives me hope. Finally, I want to thank Carolyn for designing this website and constantly providing nutritious liquids to sustain my energy. I would surely fall down if it wasn't for her support!

Tomorrow we'll be in front of our new premier, Alison Redford's constituency office.
Reverend Andrea Harrison and sons Sam and Cody Chambre in front of the PM's office.


Day One


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I began my fast this morning with a special commissioning/blessing in our regular worship service at Hillhurst United Church in Calgary. It was very moving to feel the support of the congregation and to have special friend, Lynn Chazotsang, a Tibetan Buddhist leader, participate. Kitty Dunn, from the Quakers and David Swann, my Liberal MLA were in the congregation as well.

After worship, while others had lunch, I encouraged people to sign the Climate Change petition (which you will find on this website). 

I have been greatly encouraged by emails from people planning their own actions. This morning I received an email from Moderator Mardi Tindal who is attending the COP 17 talks in Durban. She is joined by Joy Kennedy, Alanna Mitchell and Kaitlin Bardswich from the United Church.  We are part of a large inter-faith gathering witnessing to our solidarity. 

Tomorrow I will be standing in front of my MP's constituency office, Michelle Rempel. I invite you to plan your own activities at this crucial moment in the history of Mother Earth.

The Very Reverend Dr. Bill Phipps is an outspoken activist in Calgary and throughout Canada. He is in demand as a speaker, workshop leader and writer.